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Voice Services in San Francisco Bay


CrossLink Networks voice can help you stay connected to your customers for up to 50% less than your current phone company. With our carrier-grade infrastructure, you can communicate around the corner or around the globe with confidence. And our advanced features, local/long distance calling plans, private voice networking, allow you to choose the right voice services in San Francisco Bay, that fit your budget! Contact us today!

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CrossLink Networks Business Voice includes all the standard calling features you have come to expect, and several advanced ones, such as virtual private branch calling, virtual campus, follow-me, and trunk overflow, to name a few. All for significantly less than your current local phone company.

All of our plans offer unlimited local and on-network calling, so the savings add up every time you pick up the phone, as compared to your local phone company, which charges you for every little call. Unlimited long distance is also available so you can count on a simple flat monthly rate. Best of all, our service is designed to grow with you, so we make it easy to add business lines and features without costly install fees. Choose the voice and data package that works for your business. Learn more about our packages.


For start-ups, small to medium enterprise customers and branch offices, we offer our hosted IP-PBX service providing the advanced features of the most sophisticated on-site phone systems without the costly installation and maintenance fees. Available from 2-200+ extensions, you pay one single monthly price per extension based on metered or unlimited calling and by phone, and that's it! We'll do all the configuration and setup and manage the system for 24x7x365 access over our carrier-grade network.


  • Flat or Metered Cost per Extension
  • Choice of Phones (Reception, Executive, Conference)
  • Login Your Phone/Profile From Remotely
  • Manage Multiple Remote Offices On A Single System
  • Advanced Features Standard (Enhanced Voicemail, Collaboration, Follow Me, Virtual Fax, Auto Attendant/ACD, Conferencing, and more)
  • 900/976 Blocking
  • Enhanced 911 (E-911) Service
  • DID Number Blocks: 1 to 100
  • Porting Existing Phone Numbers
  • Directory Assistance and Operator Services


If you're looking to replace your existing costly PRIs or Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Trunks or augment your existing phone system with additional lines and VOIP functionality, Crosslink Networks has the right SIP solutions for your needs. Quality, features and operation of the SIP Trunks and POTS lines are equal to that of your local telephone company, at a fraction of the cost with no hidden fees. Offered as either flat-rate or metered usage, SIP trunks are easy and cost-effective to install, often requiring little or no equipment upgrades. Contact us today for a free, no obligation analysis of your telephone system and let us design a solution to immediately reduce your calling and collaboration costs utilizing our SIP Trunks and POTS Lines.


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When you purchase CrossLink Networks Business Voice, you receive broadband data at speeds from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Our bundled services can typically save you 25% or more on your current bill.


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CrossLink Networks Business Voice integrates easily with existing PBXs and Key Systems so whatever equipment you have, we can help you make the most of it.


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CrossLink Networks delivers many services over a converged broadband network connection, so your IT team can spend less time managing the network and more time supporting your business.


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Changing over to CrossLink Networks is fast and easy. Because our network connects into your existing equipment, there is no downtime typically associated with service changeovers.


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Whether you're ready today or down the road, your business will be able to adopt advanced and emerging features associated with digital voice.


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Pricing is straightforward, no variations with call volumes. We don't believe in hidden fees so once you select your service plan, you'll know exactly how much to budget.


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Because CrossLink Networks Business Voice service is provisioned over CrossLink Networks' converged network, it offers 100% throughput and 99.99% availability, ensuring your services are achieving maximum performance levels.


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Our customer support team is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should a service need arise.